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We are in the want season! I want this, and I want that! It is not anything different than your wants on any other day. It’s just heightened to 100% because it’s the holiday season. We don’t see the value in the things we didn’t want. This way of thinking shows us that our train of thought needs to be corrected. We got our list and checked it twice. On Christmas day, some of you will be happy, and some of you will be sad because you didn’t get what you wanted. Don’t you think you can sometimes be unappreciative because of what you didn’t receive or want? You got a B, but you wanted A. We all fall into this category sometimes, not realizing that what we receive is what we need.

Sometimes you need to Excuse my French “fall on your ass” to wake your ass up because your behavior is about to send you on a dangerous path or a path that is just not good for you. We also don’t appreciate what we can afford vs. What we desire. We think what we want when it comes to material things is wealthier when we know all we do is pay for the name and quality. You want to be perceived by other people as stylish, sexy, and rich. But most of the time, it just makes you look like your headspace is not in order because you are too focused on the wrong things.

I know you have heard this a thousand times, but it’s actual, people in this world have less, and they have nothing. So, what’s the problem? The problem is that you don’t see the value in what you have right now because it’s not what you wanted. Some things you don’t realize you are in life’s live-in person training. You can’t get what you want because you’re not ready for it.
Regarding love, you’re not ready for your soulmate, and you will break their heart if you find them right now.

Regarding financial freedom, you might need work experience and get a financial advisor to learn how to handle money correctly. Don’t you wonder why many lottery winners become broke? According to Money Marshmallow, “70% of people who win a lottery or get a big windfall end up broke in a few years.”

Author Idowu Koyenika states, “A highly developed values system is like a compass, and it serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.”

Are we lost when we are unappreciative? Or do we not know any better? You have parents that go broke for Christmas trying to get their kids gifts so that they can keep up with the jones. So they can brag about what they received for Christmas with their friends. It’s a shame that we learn this at a young age, and it stays with us for a very long time. How many adults grew up hating Christmas because they didn’t receive what they wanted because their parents couldn’t afford it? Too many. But Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus Christ. But we have people going broke trying to please their kids so they can feel special.

At what point do we stop feeding into Society’s Manipulative Agenda? Now! Wherever you’re now, it’s starting for you. We need to cater to our mindsets and our kid’s mindsets. Make it strong enough to say, “fuck You” politely to the person who chooses to bully and laugh at a kid for not keeping up with the jones.

I appreciate the episode in The Bill Cosby Show where they made Theo understand what it meant to be an adult. When he came home, he had nothing and had to pay rent.
We tend not to understand what we have when we have it. Some of us don’t have the responsibility of an adult who has to take care of the household, but if we have a simple conversation with someone who slipped through the cracks and dropped out of high school because they needed a job to help out their parents. We might have a different perspective. That person wishes he was you because they want to be a regular teenager.

Be Appreciative! Set Values for yourself and teach them to your kids.

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