Livin Purposely with Possibilities and Positivity.

Purposely Yours with Creativelsj,  CEO & Founder Laquann S. Jenkins is an entrepreneur, self-published writer, and business life coach. She decided to use Purposely Yours (PY) as a self-help blog for Caregivers to Purposely Yours to provide another perspective and insight for caregivers whose doesn’t feel they are not getting the desired results in their careers and life. Her goal is to help as many Caregivers that are feeling stressed and looking for a support group to worry less and find clarity on their next steps to live a purposeful lifestyle with possibilities and a positive mindset. Ms. Jenkins understands and acknowledges that words are power, which is why we are where you “write the vision and make it plain (Habakkuk 2:2-3 King James Version).” 

Ms. Jenkins’s entrepreneurial path started with her self-publication of her first book, Mad Passion, in 2008. After a long break, her second book, Emotional Blues, is a compilation of poems written in July 2019. Her love of writing and being compared to a famous author drove her to obtain her bachelor’s degree in English, concentrating on Creative Writing. During her time at Lehman College, she also won First place for her Poem, Bitter Chocolate, in the 2012 labor Lehman Arts Contest. She also received her bachelor’s degree in 2012. But, between working various temporary Jobs and trying to muscle up the nerve to start writing again, she started working in the Insurance field as a Clams Associate for the next five years until her job laid her off in 2017.

Being laid off made her realize she did not have a backup plan and needed to figure out her purpose. She worked another temp job for about six months until her assignment ended. After she muscles up the courage to self-publish her compilation of poems, she still didn’t feel complete because she didn’t know how to market herself. Therefore, she returned to college to obtain her MBA in marketing from DeVry University to learn to market for herself and help others. 

Purposely Yours is here to inspire, motivate, and educate individuals to push beyond their current circumstances, network, and initiate discussions to find solutions.

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