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Sometimes all people need to know is that they are capable of amazing things to give them the push they need. Sometimes you are the amazing thing in their life that provides them with the motivation to push on. But, other times, you are just sacred. We all fall into the trap of thinking we are good enough, smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc., for something or another. But we cannot think like that because you are enough. You are an asset, maybe with some dependency issues. With some help, you can stand on two feet and become independent.

Even in relationships, we know our parents will always be there for us. We allow ourselves to be taken advantage of because they are our children. Still, we get tired of it at a certain age and complain. Take note to yourself that you are a teacher. You are your child’s first teacher. In my creative writing class, I remember how the teacher told us that we needed to show and not tell. It means allowing the reader to experience what is going on in the story by using the five senses, action, words, or expressions that details the characters’ emotion instead of the author stating what happened. Showed the people in your life what it means to be an asset.

Don’t be toxic, be Objective. It’s essential to your relationship. We sometimes forget when we are pissed off how unhealthy our mouths and behavior can be. We think about ourselves because we are full of emotions during arguments. Be clear-headed. If your state, be honest with your feelings and listen to what the other person says. You can lessen the toxicity that occurs during those moments.

Be of Service. People forget that the tiny little things matter most in the relationship. Significant gifts aren’t always necessary. Sometimes your partner wants you to cook, wash the dishes, or wash the clothes because they might be exhausted. Or, just paying one or two extra bills might do the trick. The most important thing you can do when you want to be of service is to pay attention to your partner. What is stressing them? And try to relieve the stress.

Praise and provide support when needed. We tend to forget that our loved ones and friends sometimes want to know they have done an excellent job. They want to be supported, so don’t make everything about you. Show up for them. Every day you wake up, you have another chance to get to know your friends and loved ones. Every day we experience new things, grow and become who we are. You evolve, so make time to get to know the new person that just emerged.

You and your partner need a life of your own, away from each other. Don’t be the clinging person that doesn’t understand people need their me time. We should know you grow together with people and apart. Every path you will take will not involve certain people. Trust and move on if things don’t work out. Please do not hold on so tight that you are smothering the individual, where they will grow to resent you.

Nagging is not allowed. Be the peace your partner craves. No one likes to come home to a nagging individual who would rather be elsewhere because there is no peace at home. They choose not to invite you to places because you are the complainer. There is a time and place for everything. Pick an appropriate time to discuss your aggravation, find solutions, and then let it go.

Being an asset is all about the decisions you make, your attitude, and your behavior. We are not perfect and will fall short sometimes, but the good thing is that you get back up, accept the lesson presented, and move on. Like Gary Vaynerchuk stated, “Time – the one asset none of us are ever gonna get more of.” Understand that practice makes perfect. So, be an asset in the lives of your loved ones.

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