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Have you ever wondered why you were not good enough for that particular job? Have you analyzed the types of jobs you recently applied for‒ Why apply for 4 or 5 types of similar positions that do not have anything to do with what you want to do? Some of us get stuck in the “why I didn’t get the job” mindset bring up the excuses of why‒I wasn’t good enough. I often wonder if I said the wrong thing in the interview. Instead, that job wasn’t right for me. We go through many excuses when we need to be asking ourselves the fundamental question‒what do you want to do in your career? First, believe in yourself. You need to apply for all jobs that will lead you toward your career choice. Your passion.

Understand that it takes nothing to believe in yourself, but it can cost you everything if you don’t. Do not wait for outside recognition to tell you that you are worth the risk? Know are worth! Know you are worth the risk. Are we waiting for people that don’t know us to tell us that we are creative, intelligent, beautiful, resilient human beings?  People have been waiting all their lives to hear these things, and some are still waiting.  Understand that people have interior motives. Not everybody is kind at heart or knows how to love a person right. There comes a time when you must do your self-love work. Look for the positive in life. Therefore, the longer it takes to recognize the brilliance that lies in you, the more of the pie they get. If nobody told you that you are beautiful or you are handsome ‒ Look in the mirror and tell your damn self that! If you don’t have anyone to love you ‒ Love your damn self! If you don’t have anyone to please you ‒ Please your damn self?

Sometimes we think our career is a job that we get put in when we need work. I worked various temporary jobs that led to office jobs because I needed a job and the money. I eventually started working in the insurance industry. I kept getting placed in the insurance industry because of my experience, but that wasn’t my passion. It was just a job for me. I love to write!

Writing is my main passion. I might not be perfect at it, but the more I write, the better I get. When I started thinking about all the writing career paths that I should have been on a long time ago, I just wished I had come to this conclusion to “take the time to figure it out” a long time to go. Writing led me to think about starting my own business. I love writing poetry. I love interviewing up-and-coming entrepreneurs‒it keeps me inspired.  I love writing fiction stories. I love helping entrepreneurs with ideas when they are in the process of starting their own business. These are things I love to do!

We don’t realize that sometimes that “no” means you need to update your skills or keep searching to figure out your passion instead of getting stuck in the no in your job selection. Take a moment and ask yourself, are you living purposely or sleepwalking through life through tough times? If you want things to change, you must change them. You need to take the necessary steps to better your life. If you find yourself headed in a direction you don’t like ‒Change course! If you dislike your job‒change it! If you took a wrong turn, take action, and reroute yourself! Get back on the path. Don’t get stuck in the “No” where you linger in the same place, unwilling to grow.

Sometimes we even pursue other things because we have bills to pay. But don’t get stuck in the “no” and a dead-end job that you don’t like because your confidence is down. We think we are not good enough.  You must take that first step! Then, take that second step and keep going! Yes, you might fall, or something you’re working on might fail.  Rise and keep on working on your dreams! The talent is inside you. Keep looking for the answers.

  • Write down your values and goals?
  • Write down your likes and dislikes?
  • Write down the things do you like to do?
  • Do your research on careers connected to your passion
  • Update any skills you are lacking.
  • Create your business plan or a purpose plan for yourself.
  • Update any skills you are lacking.
  • Expand your reach by networking with different people.

Intentionally, select jobs connected to your passion, whether you want to work in the field or start your own business. It is essential to build up and continue to build up your skills.  Do the work. Start telling yourself today that you are a creative, intelligent, beautiful, handsome person. You are flawed, but you are growing. There might be some things you need to work on, but self-love starts with changing your mindset. You want to be and stay healthy to continue to live life. Human beings evolve, but that takes living, learning, and interacting with different people. Go, discover who you are by getting to know you.

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