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Being positive is about changing the mindset to find the positive in every situation and stay on that path. And lastly, it’s a choice you are choosing to make. It’s changing the habits that you find yourself doing and not doing. It’s about the way you talk to people and the way you speak to yourself. It’s about what you think about people and how you feel. According to the Collins dictionary, positive is an adjective. It means “If you are positive about things, you are hopeful and confident and think of the good aspects of a situation rather than the bad ones.”  It is easy to pinpoint the negative aspects of a situation. It usually stares you right in the face, especially when your heart is broken and you are hurt. But who wants to be in that negative space all the time? You have to take control of what you allow in your life. For example, I listen to gospel music and R&B songs because they lift me up! It keeps me positive.

Let’s say you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend recently. Why not take Judge faith Jenkins’s perspective in her Dear Wifey Podcast Interview which she said, “let it go…let it flow. And I said this moment of letting this go and radically accepting that this breakup is happening is going to lead me to meet my husband.” Acceptance is vital to your mental health, allowing you to see clearly and make room for what’s next.

  • Let go of the past and embrace the new. Apply this mindset with you in every situation you need to let go of, whether you’ve been fired from a job. Or if a relationship is ending. It’s happened because it’s God leading you to the next stage in your life.  
  • So, if you have to speak affirmations to yourself daily, every hour, minute, or night. Please do it! We sow doubt in our lives because of how we think, and we need to stop! So, say those affirmations when you feel a negative thought coming on.
  • Be realistic about your current situation. Don’t put up a façade to please other people or yourself because you are not doing anybody no good.
  • Make sure you emphasize the little accomplishments in your life. We focus more on the significant achievements that allow us to see the change immediately or get immediately rewarded with success when we should celebrate when we win, small or big.
  • When you are hit with adversity, think about something positive you can do or complete within that timeframe. Everything in life is connected. Sometimes running late is a blessing in disguise because, for example, a woman or man just got pushed into the train tracks or robbed on their way to work. It’s your life being saved! So, listen to your favorite podcast or something while you arrive late from work because there is a message waiting for you.
  • You have to Make sure the people around you are positive toward themselves and others. The people around you need to be elevating your life. They are not just pointing out the wrong and good; they are helping you develop solutions to improve it.
  • Acknowledge that your failures are lessons—ways for you to take time and come back stronger. There will always be times when we will need to re-evaluate our goals and the situations in which we find ourselves involved, but we must rise to the occasion. Take responsibility for what went wrong and fix what needs to be fixed by taking action.
  • Take a moment to write out and acknowledge your goals. We live day-to-day without admitting that we have goals that we need to accomplish. Come up with a strategy plan to achieve them. We get jobs or are too involved in our careers, and we get comfortable knowing lift shacks us down from time to time. We must live to experience life. Once you achieve your goals, write new ones. Keep asking yourself what is next!
  • Self-check that you are complimentary towards others as they are for you. Sometimes in life, we are too self-involved that we miss the connection because we are focused on the “I.” They are down times in your life when your mate takes center stage. You take backstage because it’s time for you to re-evaluate, study, enjoy her success or his success, to enjoy life to get inspiration for your next stage. Embrace this time.
  • You need to stay relevant to what your body needs. Sometimes being positive is making sure you are okay. We care for others because we are natural caregivers, but we don’t put ourselves on the list. Get in a bit of exercise, limit your intake of unhealthy foods, communicate when things are bothering us, and take time for yourself to know when enough is enough. Say no when no is needed!

Being positive is all about self-care. Pastor John Gray said, “switch your mentality by switching your menu.” You cannot keep eating unhealthy foods all the time and not expect to feel the consequences, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you change what you are being fed, you can be on the path toward being more healthy. If you want things to change, you must change what you are being fed. You must be more positive. Surrounds yourself with positivity, and speak positivity into your life.

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