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When I used to write my goals, I would write about where I want to be five years from now, which is my long-term goal. And I list things I could do now that take less time to accomplish in my short-term list. Which is okay, and I start. At least I would goal-setting.  My long-term goals and short-term goals didn’t connect. I learned when doing my research that there is a better way you should handle goal setting. Your short-term goals and any intermediate goals you may have should be what you need to do now to accomplish your long-term goals. You must ask yourself, where are you accomplishing your long-term goals? Are you doing what you must now to achieve that dream house, dream job, or business? Have you even started yet?

The importance of Goal-setting

Les Brown states, “If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.”

To succeed in anything, goal setting is a must-do. You cannot fall into the trap of going through your daily routine without setting goals, then wonder why you are still in the place you were three years ago, and it is because you got comfortable.

Setting your goals empowers and allows you to concentrate on what you need to do, strategize and obtain the skills you need to acquire to execute and accomplish your goals.

It will also enable you to look into and network with the necessary people and resources. Goal-setting starts with comprehending its importance of it. For instance, when looking for a job, look at the requirements. And see if there is any low-cost training you can take from home that will give you the necessary skills you need. It doesn’t take you to get a degree and always put yourself in debt, and you have to decide what option is best for you.

Ask yourself, what do you see when you think of the future? When I think of the Future, I see my business name on a building. Now, in my head, I am trying to figure out how did I get there. I am motivated and excited about it!

First, you need to clarify your vision for the future and create goals for achieving that future vision for yourself.

  • Decide and write out the reason you want to achieve your goals. Write out what you think is the purpose and motivation for you.
  • When you think of your future, what areas of your life or business need improving to achieve your goals?
  • Think about, research, and develop your goals for the future. Make sure they are itemized and measurable.
  • Assess your goals periodically; identify the one that is essential to you and work on that one.  For example, say one of your goals is you want to start a business, the other goal is you want to home six figures, and the other is to own and buy a house. The one you should focus on is your business because your business will allow you to bring home six figures and qualify for the house you seek if you don’t have the income right now to be approved.

Secondly, ensure that your goals are attainable and measurable steps to execute.

  • Identify and examine your goals to map out what you need to do and the actions you need to take to accomplish them.
  • What is your timeline for yourself? If your vision is three years ahead, create a three-year goal plan for yourself. Create a monthly, quarterly, or yearly deadline for your goals and ensure they are realistic and attainable.
  • To create monthly and quarterly goals for yourself, you have to generate mini-goals that are smaller, governable, practical, and achievable assignments for yourself. For instance, set a schedule for your business to post one video daily to maintain consistency.

Third, take note of any goals that seem to be clashing with each other.

When executing your goals, you must be aware of how much time you spend on each goal. You can be on all day one activity without getting anywhere because you are at a stump. Monitor the time you spend on each goal. Remember, each goal has its steps that need to be completed. You must figure out if you need help accomplishing your goals and prioritize what goals can wait or is more important for you to handle first. You don’t want one goal to hinder you from another goal.

Fourth, find your inner motivation and get an accountability partner.

Ensure you have a stream of music, video, and people that motivates you to work. Get a person that will check in on you from time to time. Create a routine for yourself so it becomes a habit until you complete your goals. Make sure you have positive people around you as well. Anybody full of negativity doesn’t need to be around you. Celebrate when you complete a task because knowing you are one step closer to completing your goal is worth celebrating.

Take note that nothing is perfect, so save some room for failure. Failures are nothing but lessons for you to learn.

Fifth, Observe and review your list of Goals.

When you are in the process of accomplishing your goals, it is vital that you go over the things that worked for you and didn’t work. Figure out if there are any adjustments or changes that need to be made. Make sure you are objective when you review your goals. Ask yourself the stuff question, was it a success or not? Did you have to adjust some of your work habits to get things done? Were there any sacrifices you had to make?

Sixth, clarify what sacrifices you will make.

In any success story, there are sacrifices you are going to have to make. Decide what sacrifice is worth it. Create a budget for yourself. And a list of activities for everyone in the household. Have a family meeting so everyone can be on the same page and help out.

And lastly, Evaluate the obstacles that are hindering. Many times, what is hindering us is our comfort and our fear. We have to make a conscious choice that we want a better life for ourselves, which means sacrificing, taking risks, creating action plans, and executing them to have that dream house or name on that building. Or whatever vision you see for yourself. If you stay complacent, you tell yourself you are okay with where you are in life.

Know that Goal setting is valuable to anyone’s success story. So, create your informative goal-setting strategy to maximize your results. If you are devoted and willing to put in the time and fight the challenges and obstacles, this process will be a part of your success story, and you’re a resource for you to keep utilizing with new goals as you evolve.

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