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Nothing gets you thinking when somebody asks you questions like, “What do you love the most in life?” It seems like a tricky question because you understand and know that there are far worse people going through more situationships and troubles than you. You don’t want to seem unappreciative, but sometimes things are missing. But to get through a question like this, you motivate your mind to think positively. What are the positive things in your life right now?

Daisaku Ikeda states, “If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.” The world is chaotic, but we need to somehow find peace within it.

But we are not perfect humans without desires and have our perception of happiness. Yes, we wake up thankful for the air we wake up to breathe what I love the most in my life is the presence of god’s love, the presence of love in my life, and second chances. Another opportunity arises to strive for a better self each day. 

Each day we wake up, we have a second chance to change, choose again, do better, improve, love, educate, and so forth. The problem comes when we decide not to take the opportunity “to do better” when presented with the prospect. Sometimes we don’t see that it is even an opportunity.

So, “are you happy?” if you wake up in the morning to ask yourself or if someone else asks you that question. If you sit with hesitation or feel your answer is no, there is a need for change in your life. Create a list of things that will make you happy. Be truthful and figure out what it will take to get you to your happiness.

You must do the work and answer some questions:

Are you living at your full potential? People need to stop accepting and soaking in the false ideologies of others and themselves to live at their full potential. Then you need to rise to the occasion to eliminate sorrow because we do not need to be sorry for anything. It would help if you changed any behavior that is not doing you any good justice. We need to face everything and rise and not sit in fear because nothing gets accomplished sitting in fear. Failures are just lessons. You need to figure out your foundation to make anything rise to success. You will not get there if you haven’t stumbled along the way. Once you can do all these things, you can live at your full potential.

Are you living your truth? Sometimes you have to ask yourself, what is your truth? Have you ever taken the time to figure that out? Living your truth is about whom you are and not feeling guilty about speaking up about your truth. What might have been true for your relatives might not be true for you because of your experiences, relationships, and outlook on the world. You also know you are more than these things as well. You are you. Living your truth is balancing yourself enough to know your foundation is strong as a rock; you can face obstacles and survive. Your truth comes from knowing that you are whole and not on the market for anybody to make you feel complete or validated. You comprehend that others are not needed to make you feel good. Like Mary J Blige says, “Good Morning, Gorgeous!” You have a sense of humor and don’t need to take everything so personally because you understand that you are not always the center of everyone’s attention.

Are you growing and achieving your goals? To live in your truth, you must be honest regarding your growth and goals. Are you settling because you are grateful that you have a job, a roof over your head, food, and a little bit of money in the bank? Your mindset must change to see real growth because you have to change your mindset before you take action. There could be several focus points. However, if you focus on the positive aspect of any situation, the motivation and inspiration you need will be there as you grow. You will accomplish your goals. Your mind has to be open to experience and see all perspectives. You don’t have to agree but be willing to know where people are coming from. As time passes, you evolve, and what was good for you before might not be suitable for you now. Therefore, you must be open-minded and willing to change.

Are you surrounded by people who will uplift, motivate, educate, and inspire you to be better? There is no way around realizing that the people around you affect your life. Suppose they are not bringing positivity around you, trying to improve their lives to become someone better. In that case, you have to flush them from your circle because they are not adding value to it. Just like you have to get rid of other negative people from your life, you have to check in on yourself. Sometimes you are the negative aspect. Therefore, are you living purposely with possibilities and positivity? There is nothing wrong with taking a break from your friends and family members to work on yourself.

Hold onto your “why” story that keeps you motivated. We all need motivation, that thing that is going to keep “you” pushing. For some people, their kids and childhood make them want better for themselves. Whatever the case may be, allow it to feed you in the dark times when doubt seems to linger and appreciate the small wins in your life.

Understand each day we experience this life on earth is a blessing. You are not promised tomorrow. You always impact someone else’s life, whether you are aware or not. Therefore, live fully, purposely, and positively with a heart filled with love.

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