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With today’s knowledge and past lessons, you would think people would stop with all the hate. But the continuation of killing our black men, women, and children persists. How are we supposed to live purposely and positively with possibilities if black people like myself are on a continuous mission to not die due to our black skin and to survive? Especially if we have a president that is not interested in uniting the people. We are continuously attacked not just by police officers but the commoner. We live in a world with two sets of rules, one for the everyday man and the other for the black man and women.


Black Panther and the destruction of Black Wall Street taught us that they had to hide Wakanda was hidden from the rest of the world and its wealth in the movie for survival. If we look at history, this government’s length to enslave black people to be inferior is inhumane. Look at all the stereotypes people have embedded in their heads (thugs, lazy, on welfare, uneducated, dangerous, criminals, threatening,  hostile, aggressive, animals, etc.)

Martin Luther King stated, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” Why do we care about what people think about us? Should we heavily wash and rinse ourselves in self-love so much that someone else’s opinion of us shouldn’t matter? 

Why do you think it happened after Black Wall Street?

  1. Insurance companies refused to pay for damages to people affected by the massacre.
  1. Interstate highways and urban renewal programs were produced, but where is black Wallstreet now? 
  2. Desegregation helped stop the rebuilding of Black Wallstreet. Now black people could venture out and shop elsewhere, and there was no demand to keep the money in the black neighborhood.


  • Fix the self-esteem issues of our black people. Understand and repeat, “I am more than what I am, more than what you see.” Do not allow anyone to make you feel less than others.
  • Work on fixing the black family household family structure. When we talk about the black household, most of the time, there is no father or absentee father. We individually put ourselves into situations we are not ready to deal with, hence the no father, absentee father situation, and single motherhood.
  • Give a proper education to our kids and some adults to allow them to be financially independent without needing to work two or three jobs. Raise the bar on potential careers.
  • Continuously give back to our community because we are stronger together, primarily if we circulate the black dollar in the black community. Understand that your brand is just as good as any other brand.
  • We all need to figure out what we want and what policies in the government need to be changed, which means we need to vote.

We may start by deleting the race and ethnicity questions from our forms because we all are human beings; why do we need to be categorized? Being categorized brings division. Race should only come into play when someone commits a crime for identification purposes. We all have sin within us; we all are capable of evil. Therefore, the justice department needs to sentence everyone equally under the law.

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