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Are you guilty of being mad at yourself because you allow people to take advantage of you, wishing people’s GPS signal would get lost? Do you wish your invisible antenna connected to you would let you know when the wrong people are around you? But will you listen? Are you even bold enough to say, “Move, bitch! Get out the way,” in your ludicrous voice but in a polite way, of course! We all are at fault for allowing people to take advantage of us, and we don’t set boundaries or limitations for ourselves and others. You can’t complain about people taking advantage of you when you have the door wide open.

Unapologetically say, “Sorry, I cannot afford trespassers in my life!” It’s called growing up, and your peace of mind is more important than anything else. It’s time to take responsibility!  Note to self:  Psychology Today states, “Personal Growth happens at the moment. It’s not a fancy idea or a complicated concept that lies somewhere in the future if only we can work out how to get there. Instead, it’s the direct experience of life, as it happens, in every moment.” There is no right or wrong path to personal growth because we get there when we get there. Personal growth is about awareness; once you are aware of something, you know if it is something that you can enjoy or something you have to keep away from.

Self-care is about making decisions and setting rules for yourself.

  • Don’t give people the access key to your home, and get stingy with it. There are consequences for every action you take, so make sure those consequences lead you toward a positive reaction rather than a negative one.
  • Never be afraid to take your access key back or change the locks to your door because it takes time to get to know people’s real intentions.
  • When a person’s time in your life is over, let it be over.  
  • Recognize the lesson. Every person in your life has a role to play. They are there to teach you something, shake your butt awake by making something happen, or provide you with the motivation you need to change your life. Whatever it is, they are there for a reason.
  • You have to be truthful with yourself and other people. For example, if you cannot sing, I will tell you, you cannot sing, so you don’t waste any more of your time and money trying to be a singer when that is not your gift. You might think I am mean, but it called me caring for you.

We are in practice right now with social distancing. Do not let it stop! We need to heed people’s actions and measure the toxic behavior that can be hazardous to our lives. If a person is red hot all-day, they are not trying to calm down, take a breather, and relax; that is not a person you need to have around you all the time. They are always talking about where’s the party. I am good with my one-and-done drink. I sip wine while I watch a movie on Netflix. I can call you on video chat and talk about this character in this movie, and why think her ass was so dumb! It’s all about the conversation when you get to a certain age! People grow and change; if where I want to be doesn’t align with you, it’s time for me to make some changes. Think about the choices you made in your life. Did it benefit you?

Someone asked me when I evaluate my life, do I regret any choices I made? Have you regretted bringing your old life to your present life? I didn’t know how to answer that question at first. We, as human beings, love to build and form relationships, but we fail to sit back and watch before we make any declaration about the type of person you invite into your life. I realized that it is not because of the person you are trying to form a relationship with most of the time. They are trying to live life the same way you are trying to live your life. We all want to form long-lasting memories, and no one is judging.

However, you are vulnerable. Your life is susceptible to the negative energy that you cannot carry into your personal space. If things do not work out, Let it go! Why allow guilt to keep you stuck? Did you know feeling guilty numbs you into nonaction? Shouldn’t you deal with the emotions that lead you to those feelings of guilt and then let it go? How many of us stay in relationships because we don’t want to start over, hurt our significant other feelings, break up their family, and so forth. Dealing with the situation opens up the doors to communications toward a new perspective that necessarily doesn’t lead to a devastating end.

I say, release the guilt…. Let it fly in the wind.

I don’t regret getting to know a person’s character because I needed to see something about that person to move on to the next stage in life. My eyes were closed before, and now, they are open to a new experience. Or, maybe they are your deliverer. The man above doesn’t tell us anything because we are stubborn human beings. GOD provides us with tasks we are unaware of ‒ he thinks and finds a way to place us where we need to be.  


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