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New Year is upon us, and some of us wish we were in the days of not worrying about coronavirus, looking in our closet, and thinking you have nothing to wear. Therefore, I stand in my closet for 30 minutes, hoping for some inspiration to jump out at me. Hoping for one of my dresses, shirts, jeans, sweaters to scream, “Hey, wear me today!” But no, I choose to huff and puff, like I am the big bad wolf, and close my closet to check the weather on my phone for the third time before I open the closet door again to stand and look for another ten more minutes. It is an everyday process. 

I get happy when mother nature gives us a touch of spring during winter. Making society so confused about playing, should I or should I not wear a jacket game, just because we received a touch of spring in the winter. We become deceived in our lives. However, when it comes to their lives. We allow others to deceive us because the sunshine and the slight warmth we receive feel good. But when tomorrow comes, the meteorologist says, “tomorrow, back to the cold, 23 degrees” Next thing you know, some of you are walking around with runny noses. There is no shame in keeping your jacket open, or wearing a light coat, instead of walking around like it is springtime in January? The rearranging of our closets is an ongoing process, just like the life we lead. It does not stop. We get rid of the summer clothes in the winter; we need to pluck the negative people out of our life for a less complicated life. 

It is like when you can put on a blazer over one of your spring dresses in some tights and shoe boats in the winter to save money. You can take a step back to see who brings positivity to your life and who is not.  

We choose the piece of clothing that is interesting to us and work around it. We need to make sure we sit front and center of that fashionable piece, and we need to take attendance and make sure we are present before dealing with anything else. As we ask ourselves, is this working or still working for me. 

As you lay your outfit out on the bed, to see if everything looks right. Or, try it on quickly as you stand in the mirror. Truth is an essential factor because ugly is ugly. So, make sure you have that truth embedded in every element of your life, and it must come from you and the people around you. 

Note to self: your taste might change, clothes get too small, too tight, or worn out. It is when you go shopping for new clothes. We need to consider that we as people grow with every experience. We become different people, and not everybody is on the same path. Do not stress over it. Complete a self-appraisal and an appraisal of everyone around you.  

I dare you to open your closet and choose your best outfit.  

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