Livin Purposely with Possibilities and Positivity.


Photo by Alysha Rosly on Unsplash

CreativeLSJ, Inc. (CSLJ) dedicates itself to helping individuals looking to change their lives by finding purpose. We provide various tools to help you find your purpose and achieve your goals by holding you responsible for your non-action. We are a hands-on organization working to lead by example.

Our services include:

  • Self-help Content
  • Network Events
  • One-on-one coaching services
  • Group coaching services
  • Community Service


How do we hold our clients responsible? We have our clients accountable for finding what they need and aiding them in achieving their goals.

How do we help people find their purpose? By having them complete our workshops and attend networking events, or can either participate in one-on-one coaching or a group coaching session.

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