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Have you ever just sat and just read? Sometimes, if the book is good, it can take you to the character’s world, where you don’t want to leave. It’s an escape for you. Albert Einstein states, “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my Imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. knowledge is limited, and Imagination encircles the world.” We still use our Imagination as adults to envision who we want to be five or ten years from now because knowledge is just not enough. If you don’t imagine yourself as a successful individual, you won’t be successful. Success first starts in with your mindset. This is why your mindset is how your Imagination is bound to make an enjoyable impact on you.

This is why kids constantly are asked, “Who do they want to be when they grow up” by their teacher, parent, or relative. Kids must see themselves as that individual that has not occurred yet, and something appeals to them that makes them want to be that individual, whether it’s their parents, an experience, or another person; that feeling is captured and savored in their minds. According to, Napoleon Hill calls it Synthetic Imagination, the making of “connections between concepts, ideas or plans from past experiences/knowledge and put them in new combinations to essentially “create” something new from something old.”

  • Using our synthetic Imagination allows us to gather old and new information and sort through them to formulate a more comprehensive idea, concept, or design—for example, Fan Fiction. Oxford language dictionary defines it as fiction written by a fan of and featuring characters from a particular TV series, movie, etc.
  • Our creative Imagination is the opposite of synthetic Imagination because it’s a new idea, concept, design, or plan that string from new ideas and thoughts.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Imagination as “The act or power of forming a mental image of something does not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.”

If you want to go deeper, God used his imagination and power to create the world in six days to rest on the seventh day. That is how powerful our imagination is. Before we had the technology we are using today, someone imagined it and went into action to bring what was thought of into reality.

  • Imagination Inspires creativity and Innovation– If you do a simple google search of all the new gadgets for this year. You will get a list of things. For example, a home defibrillator is supposed to be coming out, although it is still pending FDA approval in the United States. 100,000 European homes received it already, and 17 lives were saved in the process.  In my opinion, a home defibrillator should have already come out. It should be treated like a fire extinguisher. Something we all should have in our homes
  • Imagination Ignites passion. Some of us wonder why we have that five-year inch, where you have to change jobs every five years. It is because many of us are not working with our passion. We are at work because of the bills we must pay to survive, but if we tap into our Imagination to remember what we used to be so passionate about our work, it won’t even feel like work. Most importantly, you will love what you do.
  • The future is an extension of our Imagination and ideas. It is known that if we think negatively, negative things will happen, and if we think positively, positive things will happen. The things we work on today will take effect sometime in the future, which is why we have a mixture of good and bad things happening today and in the future because of what was worked on and is being worked on.
  • Imagination briefly relieves stress. Your Imagination allows you to temporarily move yourselves from a stressful situation by meditating or just thinking about your happy place. Whenever that place is in your mind, return to reality more rejuvenated.
  • Your Imagination grooms you to cope with your future. When we imagine ourselves as successful, we can only get there by taking action. So, if you need certain skills that you do not have right now, you must take action to acquire them. Go back to school, and take a course. Take a risk and apply for another position that will bring you one step closer to that other version of you.
  • Your Imagination allows you to have hope for a better future. In life, we must deal with reality. The events that are going on around us, but making life easier for you and your family, having hope that you will be in a better place than you are right now. The work that you are putting in now allows you to believe that you have accomplished some of your goals, if not all.
  • Imagination makes people think anything is possible. Especially with all the successes that we have from our past to today, like Madam C. J. Walker, who was America’s first self-made millionaire to Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon in his garage, to Tyler Perry, who was homeless when he started; and now a Billionaire with his movie studio. It shows us to keep the imagination train going. What might not work today may work tomorrow.
  • Even in government, Imagination is the cause of political movements. Think about all our black ancestors who could only dream of freedom. Dream of voting. Who had to enter and leave from the back door. Black people couldn’t even sit in front of the bus. Now we are walking in the front door, holding degrees when we were once forbidden to read. Yes, the world is not perfect and will never be because GOD did not make us that way. But with free will and Imagination, we can get damn close if we choose to be.
  • Your Imagination makes things magical. Think about all the writers who conjure up worlds and people with special powers. Now think about all those who were inspired to bring those books to film. Think about how far the film industry has come. New worlds are brought from the page to the tv screen; that is magical.

Imagination is creation. And a powerful tool to utilize at all times and ages, and it is not just for kids during their playtime. If we want to harness the ability to innovate new concepts and designs, we need to tap into our Imagination because the answers lie there, waiting to be used. So, go imagine new conversions, new ideas, new designs, and new worlds!

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