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Have you ever looked at your friend and wondered why they hadn’t taken the necessary steps to do what they kept talking about: all talk and little action? Excuses keep rolling their here mouths like running water. Why? Have they not found the “oomph” that will motivate them to take the necessary steps to change their lives live. We all know what we all need to do regarding success, but knowing and taking action are two different things. But sometimes, things get complicated when we figure out which way to turn and whether we should take the risk. Have you found it yet? I am still contemplating what my oomph is.

What is going to make you persevere in your life? The love you have for what you do. Your passion. Sometimes, I sit at home wondering where this “oomph” is. Do I block it? Did I miss its call? Should I wear bright colors, so It can spot me in a crowd because I don’t see this oomph anywhere? Did it slip in, in the night without me knowing? Did I fail? You might have these questions and a lot more. Henry Ford once said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”  

When you are persevering, it doesn’t mean everything will go your way all the time. Some things might take a bit longer because they need time to grow. It would help if you had time to grow, work out the kinks, and learn from mistakes. Sometimes that lesson might not come from you, but you ask for help to get a different point of view.

Yes! Sometimes we get tired of starting over! If you are tired of starting over, you have to ask yourself if you are satisfied with where you are. If the question is no, then keep striving for better.

It is okay to look for a job that will keep you surviving, but it is not okay for you to linger and stay there if it is not your passion. You might think finding your passion is not crucial to your success, but it is! The love you have for what you do is going to make you persevere.

Perseverance, according to, is “a continuous drive to reach our goals and improve our skills and performance through persistent effort. It is a form of purposefulness and goal orientation that requires long-term commitment and discipline and is fueled by passion.”

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, how will our passion help someone in need? Once we figure out that, we will find the drive to keep us going. And we must stop being afraid to walk away and leave a position that is not making us happy. Acknowledge the experience you collected over the years will play a part in the following steps. Just repurpose your experience into expertise. For example. Have you ever trained a group of people for your job and developed training material? So they can have a go-to guide to take care of some of the problems and questions themselves. Add that experience to your list of strengths because now you can be considered a good instructor or professional advisor. It’s a trick of the mind to keep all the negative thoughts away that tell you. You’re not good enough because you are.

  • Whether in business for yourself or working for someone, you have to be present and not focus on perfection because it repeatedly keeps your focus on the same thing. You might not get everything right or think of every point of view made, but as long as you try and show up, you are on the right path.
  • Rediscover yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. Inspiration is all around you. So explore and look for new adventures. The journey will open your eyes and give you a different perspective that will feed your hunger.
  • Don’t allow fear to hold you back any longer. Don’t be that person in the same place yearly because you are too scared to take a risk. Looking back at your life, wishing you did this and that, take those feelings as a sign that some things in your life need to change. Decisions need to be made for your life to change.
  • Don’t give up. Things sometimes get complicated, but you must be “the little engine that could” and keep going.
  • Discipline yourself. Find out what works for you, not what works for someone else. Make what you learned your own to fit your mission.
  • To preserve, you can’t be lazy in your actions. Do not do the bare minimum and think you will get maximum results. What you put in is what you are going to get!

Life is hard! There is no one way to do things. You have plenty of successful people who took shortcuts and took high risks to get where there are, but they did not stay there and were willing to deal with the consequences if things went wrong. You have to ask yourself what is the opportunity cost of your actions. There are also people out there who haven’t taken enough risks, which is why they are where they are in their life and career. As long you have breath in you, you have time to figure out, try, and have fun while doing it, and find that “oomph” that will motivate you.

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