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Goals, Goals, Goals! We all have dreams we need to achieve, but sometimes we fall off track. Our plans get lost in the survival of the day-to-day. We pay my bills and go to work. We occasionally allow our dreams to slip through our hands. Or, we get lost in other people’s goals, enabling us to lose our self-identity. But asks yourself, if anything were to happen to my husband, partner, father, or mother helping me, what would you do? You have no choice but to step up to the plate; this is no different. Step up to the plate for yourself to become a better you, and rediscover the passion you lost.

Remember what Tyler Perry states in his BET Speech in 2020: “Every dreamer in this room: there are people whose lives are tied to your dream. Own your stuff, own your business, own your way.”

Many of us do not challenge ourselves or keep challenging ourselves, We settle with other people, but we agree with whom we think we are. There is more in you. Go Goal Chasing! Change your life, have an adventure because you deserve it! Have fun with it! Record yourself, and create a journal. But keep reminding yourself that your goals are important too!

Sometimes when we need reminding, it comes from an outside source, but we hide when we need to get out there and network. For example, I remember my friend and I met this guy in central park. My curious friend asked him what he was reading, getting a conversation going with him. He was intelligent and inspirational, and I told him I was writing a book. We connected on social media, but I saw how many followers he had and what I had, and I let that discourage me.

I had to change my mindset and discover some things about myself. I had to:

  • First, write down a list of goals you want to achieve. It’s the same old question, where do you see yourself in the next five or ten years from now. We all have goals, and many don’t know how to achieve what we want. We will instead deal with and be silently measured and then at least put in an effort.
  • Separate your life goals from your business goals. Sometimes our work and personal lives intertwine, but make sure you set goals for both.
  • Write down several ways to achieve those goals. We have to speak what we want into existence, followed by action, and we will see it come into existence. 
  • Set a time frame for when you want to achieve your goals. We should have small and big plans we want to accomplish within a specific time frame. Even if you don’t meet your goal at your particular time frame, keep striving for it.
  • Start mapping out a game plan to achieve those goals. We have to stop continuing the habit of playing things by ear. If we start planning out vacations, taking time off, do the research we need to do, it will begin with our goal plan.
  • When achieved, start again. As you achieve your goals, you will grow into a different person. What you admired or were influenced by will change because you changed.

When rediscovering your passion, sometimes you have to go back to the beginning. When you let time slip, things get updated. Therefore you might need to retrain yourself and look for another angle to fuel your passion. I always say, If there are multiple ways to market your business, there are various ways to start one. That goes for working with your passion as well. We all know not everyone wants to start their own business.

Figure out what do love best about your passion. Maybe you are good at multiple things or have good ideas that can benefit people. It would help if you looked at what excites you the most. Please write down your thoughts because you can probably corporate them later on. Focus on one thing, so you don’t overwhelm or confuse yourself.

Network to get inspired. You have people connect to your passion. People that you have not met yet. You might have doubts now, but please release that doubt to the lord because you are ready to change lives and be changed by helping other people reach spiritual gratification. So, why not you? We fear networking with people. Are you even reaching out to other business owners online? Is networking one of your fears, as it is for me. You do not want to say the wrong thing or for someone to judge you for it. You want people to look at you as a serious professional. In one of their beginning episodes, I heard some great advice from the side hustle pro podcast. When you network, you network on your level.

Affiliate your passion by making some impact. Sometimes, we get lost in the shuffle, and we wake up with the five-year inch wanting a change. You can utilize these feelings that you are having and repeatedly ask yourself if the work you are doing affiliates with your passion. What saves us sometimes is knowing that you are making an impact is the difference in pushing yourself to rediscover your passion.

Your mental state and happiness are essential to your career. Ask yourself, do I love what I do? It is the first step to reclaiming your passion. Yes, we all need to pay bills, but working on your passion provides you with the freedom and work-life balance you crave. Deepak Chopra states, “Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.” Why be the person five to ten years now, looking at yourself in the mirror and asking how I got this so unhappy. When you are unhappy, always busy, and never home, your family life suffers.


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