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Question: Do you really believe how we live is what makes us real? Why would you then walk around with an attitude? Smile!

Many of us need coffee in the morning before we tackle anything. We even find ourselves saying, it’s too early! Because we are sleeping and walking before our first cup of coffee. But have you ever asked yourself, what are you saying by, “It’s too early?” Are you sending off a negative vibe? Think about it!

We all express ourselves differently but pay attention to how others perceive us. Should you even care about the double stand that sits among society today? Whether you like it or not, you have you care, but you don’t have to let other people’s perceptions of you define you.

Sometimes your attitude is caused by the bad day you are having. Sometimes, it may be caused by the overwhelming workload and other people that irritate you.

According to, “an attitude refers to emotions, beliefs, and behaviors toward a particular object, person, thing, or event.” There are three components to Attitude: Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral. The cognitive component describes your reflection and conviction about a matter. The affective component describes how the subject, an individual, a problem, an event, or a particular item produces you to feel something. And as we know, the Behavioral component is understanding that our attitude causes us to react a certain way.

The truth is that “It’s okay” to accept that we are emotional human beings, but we give too much attention to things that we need to let go of. We hang on to your attitude, not realizing that we are bringing that negativity towards us. Like Pastor Mike Jr. States, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can’t get very far until you change it.”

Our attitude affects your self-assurance, contentment, candidness, and dedication. Without it, you are insecure, miserable, restrained, and indecisive.

We don’t realize how much our attitudes really affect our lives. You don’t worry about stepping into new adventures when you are self-assured. You are bold. However, when your attitude is affected, you pull back and become restrained. When you are feeling contenement, you are happy and satisfied. Things are going well, but you can find yourself miserable as soon as something or someone affects your attitude. All because of that person or thing, we have to stop letting things and people dictate how we feel. We are candid that you feel like you have the freedom, to be honest, but when you think that freedom is taken away, you become restrained. A person loves what they do. You can see the dedication they have to their work. Especially if it’s their passion,  But they are times when you doubt yourself, you become indecisive. When your attitude changes that drastically where you have to question yourself. You don’t love what you are doing any longer. You have to move on then. You have to have faith in your own abilities and know that you are doing the best you can.

Our goal should always be to find ways to think positively, no matter the situation. You have to take five minutes to deal with your frustration or anger and let it go.

Sometimes you have to find the light in a cloud of darkness. Look at things from a different perspective and resurface with a different attitude. But we have to dig deeper. Ask the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How questions many like to avoid. Because we don’t have time, although we have all the time in the world.

Have you ever just sat back and realized how pissed off you are at someone or a situation you have been through? It holds you back, makes you emotional, and sometimes irrational. Your behavior changes.

Look at some women or men who constantly get cheated on; they lose their trust. Some choose not to trust anyone, and they become who they despise and afflict that same pain on someone else. Why would you allow someone to make you become someone you are not, absorbing that negativity inside you.

Are you really that nasty negative person? No! You are making your choice to become that person that you are not. Remember, God gave us all free will, and we can choose how we use it.

Sometimes how attitude is caused because we feel like we are not seen. But to be seen is to know you’re house is filled with trouble and sacrifice. Sacrifice sometimes is settled. Other times, it’s damaging. Is it your family, your friends, your freedom, your self-worth? You want to feel important and be famous with or without talent, and you want that American Dream. However, we fail to realize that sometimes our genius comes from the plan we create to help another person. What have you done for the community lately?

Edwidge Danticat says, “misery won’t touch you, gentle. It always leaves its thumbprints on you; sometimes, it leaves them for others to see, sometimes for nobody but you to know of.”  Don’t carry the misery on your back. Drop it and leave it alone. Misery is as contagious as happiness, and it’s like a fly swarming around, nagging you close to your ear. Depending on the nature of your character, if you are an entomologist, you will probably catch the fly and study it if it benefits your work. Everyone else will probably try to kill it with their shoe because it irritates them. This is your attitude! Don’t allow your attitude to stop you from achieving your goals.






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